Pumps, single-stage


Pumps, single-stage

A wide range of single-stage pumps for different applications:

  • RFA/RFI Series – Monobloc pumps normalized according to DIN 24255

Application: For non-aggressive clean water in industry, irrigation, heating systems, fire fighting, etc.

Max. Temperature. Medium 90 °C, Max pressure 10 bar


  • CEB Series – Self-priming centrifugal pumps for polluted water and sewage. The semi-open impeller reduces the risk of clogging. Easy access to the inside of the pump without the need to unpin piping.

Application: For non-flammable and munitions liquids, rainwater, wastewater (including heavily contaminated). Industry, drainage systems, wastewater drainage, etc.

Max. Temperature. Medium 40 °C, PH 5-9


  • CP series – Split pumps with suction and discharge ports in the lower part of the enclosure, allowing access to the pump interior without the need to detach the pipeline.
    Wide range of pumps with capacity up to 3000 l/s and lifting up to 190 m.


Application: For clean or lightly contaminated water, water circuits in industrial plants, mining, construction, drinking water circuits, irrigation, sets of extinguishing pumps, etc.

Max. Temperature. Medium 90 °C


  • RNL Series – Monobloc, single-stage centrifugal pumps for in-line installation.

For use in industry, for water supply, heating and cooling systems.

Nozzle Diameter: 40-200 mm

Capacity: 2.5-500 m³/h

Operating Temperature:-20 + 110 °C


  • RNI-GNI Series – In accordance with EN 733/DIN 24255/NF E-44111 centrifugal pumps with pressure up to 10 bar monobloc (GNI) or with a coupling on the base (RNI).


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