Since the beginning of our business, our company has been very important to carry out maintenance work at the highest possible technical level. We offer warranty and post-warranty service for all products from our offer. We also offer service of other manufacturers ‘ equipment and pumps.

In the repair work of pumps we use advanced techniques of ceramic composites to rebuild and protect the flow system. We perform the work comprehensively in our workshop: dismantling, high pressure washing, status assessment, report, completion of new parts and regeneration, mounting of hot bearings, dynamic balancing, electric motor changings, installation Equipment, external anti-corrosion, test station, transport to the customer.


Thanks to the experience and modern solutions we guarantee efficient and efficient service of pumps.


  1. Comprehensive repairs using cutting-edge tools and solutions.
  2. With a favorable location, quick service contact with the customer.
  3. With to a well-functioning logistics Department, we cooperate with manufacturers from all over the world.
  4. For customers with whom we have a service contract we have a stock of parts in our warehouse and we offer to repair the equipment in a very short time.


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