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The company was founded in 2001 and from the outset it is a company of engineering nature, providing its services to industrial plants. Our offer is backed by many years of experience and a large number of references.

In 2014 we launched a Department of deployments and new products.

The main password in our business: Security and quality


Safety is understood as the application of OSH principles in the performance of work, but also responsibility for the environment and property.


Quality is our customer satisfaction and the guarantee of establishing long-term relationships.

PYTEL Company

We have experienced engineering and executive staff. The company conducts internal training for its employees and participates in external training to constantly improve the qualification, and the provided technical level of services was at the highest level.

We offer professional service: repair of pumps, making of ceramic protective coatings, welding work and jet processing.

In service we use the best possible solutions and products of the highest quality.

As a company aimed at continuous improvement of quality, we have launched the production of polymer ceramic composite PMZ series. We are also a manufacturer of systems for reducing the “dry water mist”.

An important asset of our company is its location. The company is located in Firmice 800m from the entrance of the A1 motorway F.I.U.-PYTEL



  • Speedway Club PGG ROW RYBNIK
  • Running group Luxtorpedo Czerwionka-Leszczyny

Repairs and Servicing:

  • Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Mixing
  • Technological equipment
  • Protection of machinery and equipment against erosion and wiping processes using polymer ceramic composites
  • Reprofilation, repair and protection of concrete structures using polymer concrete
  • Protection of metal and concrete surfaces against corrosion
  • Abrasive blasting (sandblasting) of metal and concrete substrates

Delivery and Commissioning:

  • SP Slurry pumps for Hydrotransport
  • TSURUMI submersible slurry pumps for Hydrotransport
  • Filter Presses TH Minerals
  • Lamellant Radial thickeners TH Minerals
  • Dust reduction systems “Dry water mist ” of the production company PYTEL
  • AUTOL Centralized Lubrication Systems
  • UPS Express Repair Systems
  • Ceramic Products

Our Partners

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