Repair kit for UPS 361 CBK Belts


Repair kit for UPS 361 CBK Belts  

The UPS 361 CBK Belt Repair kit is a suitcase that contains all the essentials for repairing belts, gums, etc.



  • Polymer repair composite for rubber UPS 360 RRP – 5 pcs.
  • Reinforcing tape
  • Brush
  • Plastic Shpatula
  • Plastic applicator
  • Mixing tray
  • Gloves
  • Scissors
  • Knife


  1. Easy to mix and use – User-friendly
  2. Unbelievable abrasion Resistance
  3. Withstand the toughest working conditions
  4. It does not require any special tool or specialist training-all the components for surface preparation for the application are included.


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