Pipeline Repair Bandage 19601/3/4/5


Pipeline Repair Bandage 19601/3/4/5

High-performance, fast-curing, moisture-cured polymer repair bandage specially developed for the repair of leaks on pipelines activated by immersion in water.


The UPS 19601/3/4/5/6 PR bandage is the ideal solution for the repair of low and medium pressure piping leaks. Applying a layer of the 12 mm thick bandage itself will provide a leak seal with pressures up to 10 bar, tightness for higher pressures up to 37.5 bar is achieved after the use of the quick-release composite cork UPS 19060 SG.


  1. High-performance, fast-acting polymer repair bandage
  2. Ideal for repairing low and medium pressure pipelines
  3. Quick and Easy Repair – 30 min. and Repair finished
  4. Easy to apply, no special equipment or tools required
  5. Can be used for pipelines up to 600 mm diameter
  6. Applies to all steel pipelines and most plastic piping.


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