UPS 205 EC Composite


UPS 205 EC Composite 


The liquid ceramic composite UPS 205 FG is a modern abrasion resistant coating with high performance and immune parameters, designed for use in aquatic environments.


The UPS 205 EC Composite is a comprehensive blend of epoxy resin and curing system, reinforced with silicon carbide and ceramic particles. This creates a high abrasion and erosion resistant coating for optimum physical and mechanical strength. The UPS 205 FG Composite provides excellent protection in conditions of strong flow, cavitation and the occurrence of erosive/corrosive phenomena.


  1. Easy application-we impose with a hard brush
  2. It provides excellent resistance in conditions of strong flow, cavitation and occurrence of erosive/corrosive phenomena.
  3. Excellent adhesion to properly prepared metal surfaces.
  4. Designed to reproduce the coating of metal components in aquatic environments.


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