UPS 200 EC Composite


UPS 200 EC Composite 


Ceramic Repair Paste 200 EG is a versatile, resistant and efficient ceramic agent designed to rebuild components that are exposed to damage caused by erosion and corrosion.


The UPS 200 EG Pasta is a comprehensive blend of polymer resin and polyamine hardener, reinforced with silicon carbide and ceramic particles. This makes the pasta a high abrasion and erosion resistant coating for optimum physical and mechanical strength.

The paste is ideal for repairing pump housings, valves, etc. To preserve their original dimensions and required mechanical properties. The paste can be used on all metal substrates. Available Sizes: 4, 8, 12, 30 kg.


  1. Easy application-applying with a filler
  2. Excellent resistance to erosion and abrasion
  3. For optimum physical and mechanical strength.


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