Sewage Pumps


Sewage Pumps

A wide range of Tsurumi and Bombas Ideal sewage pumps with different parameters ranging from small pumps to domestic pumping stations to very high-performance pumps. Depending on the medium, different types of rotors are used: free movement (Vortex), duct, cutting mechanism, closed or open. They have many solutions to extend pump uptime and reduce operating costs such as Patented oil lifter.


  • Made of the highest quality materials.
  • Double mechanical seal in oil bath.
  • Cable gland fully protected against water ingress.
  • In special materials, they can be used for aggressive wastewater and salt water.
  • A wide range of rotors allows for optimum adaptation to the pumped medium.
  • Innovative cutting mechanism solution.
  • Built-in thermal protection.


  1. Safe dry operation.
  2. High resistance to corrosion and erosion.
  3. Low operating costs.
  4. The ability to work in a lying position.
  5. The ability to control the insulation and resistance of winding through the end of the cable, without opening the motor.


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