Propeller Pumps


Submersible pumps specially designed for pumping high flow rates at low and medium lifting heights.

Their high efficiency and reliability make them suitable for pumping precipitation, land drying, drainage, crop irrigation, purification stations, amusement parks, seawater, etc.


The pumps have a strong construction and are equipped with a common shaft for the pump and motor.

The sealing between the engine and the hydraulic end is carried out using two high-quality mechanical seals and an intermediate oil chamber.

The pumps are equipped with three-phase motors with a protection degree of IP 68 and insulation class F for 155 º C.


  1. Very simple installation, the pump is installed inside the drain pipe and seated under its own weight.
  2. Strong and compact design.
  3. Capacity up to 30 000 m³/h.


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