The Submerse aerator is a submerable motor powered by a mixer and compressor at the same time. The rotor of the machine is seated directly on the motor shaft. The air from the liquid mirror flows into the mixing zone with the inlet cable and the water enters the rotor from the bottom. After intense mixing, the resulting water-air mixture flows at high speed with the channels of the discharge bar. This ensures that the tank’s contents are well aerated and thoroughly mixed.


  • Portable devices with simple, compact and sturdy construction.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Large oxygen flow.
  • Excellent mixing of tank contents.
  • Standard with noise suppressor and valve.
  • Designed for use in averaging and compensating tanks, SRB reactors and active sludge chambers.
  • They are perfectly suited for neutralization of wastewater, oil and grease flotation and aeration of tanks at risk of eutropheration.


  1. Thorough mixing of wastewater, prevention of sedimation.
  2. High aeration efficiency due to the production of very small air bubbles.
  3. Total immunity to frost.
  4. Silent operation.
  5. Low installation and operating costs.
  6. Due to the special design of the rotor and suction plate, the risk of blocking by fixed parts and fibrous materials has been minimising.


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