Vertical multistage Pumps


Vertical multistage Pumps

  • VIP V-Series – Vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps with axial rotors and mechanical seal. Monoblock version equipped with screw-on collar. Specially recommended for pressure sets, working with pressure switches and frequency converters, for civil, industrial, agricultural, spray irrigation, fire-fighting kits, etc. Generally for pumping water or liquids with similar characteristics.

  • NLV Series-High pressure vertical multistage pumps with semi-axial rotor and mechanical seal designed for “IN LINE” installation for pressurized water installations, high pressure cleaning, industrial applications and Agricultural, etc.

  • NXA/NLX Series-High pressure vertical multistage pumps for “IN LINE” installation. The pumps are suitable for civil and industrial applications such as hydro-kits, fire-fighting kits, high-pressure cleaning, irrigation, water treatment, etc. Maximum operating temperature 120 ° C.

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