SP Tank Slurry Pumps


SP Tank Slurry Pumps

The SP series of slurry pumps is specially designed for pumping the toughest sludge: The Hydrotransport of Ashes, Sludgers, Zendry, mules, etc. They are used in the mining industry, the professional energy industry, the rock and raw materials industries.

SP pumps are single-stage centrifugal pumps, horizontal with integrated bearing unit base. The pump has a split enclosure, which contains flow parts made of specially hardened alloys with the highest hardness up to 66 HRC.

Oil-bearing unit with integrated water cooler, which can be connected to an external water mains. The shaft seal solutions used in our pumps correspond to customers ‘ requirements and are very easy to use. Dynamic, Flinger-sealed gland seal for solid grease. With the use of a central lubrication pump, continuous and reliable lubrication of the gland is ensured and the pump is not spunted.


Capacity: Up to 2 000 m3/h

Lifting height: up to 105 m


  1. Short-overhang Shaft
    • Reduced deflection
    • Minimisation of Vibrations
  2. Shaft protective sleeve made of hardened material
  3. Lubricating protection rings (mazes) of bearings stop contaminants outside the bearing chamber
  4. Closed impeller for maximum efficiency
  5. Paddles on both rotor rings
    • Minimising recirculation
    • Pressure reduction in the gland chamber
  6. Rotor gap adjustment by sliding the bearing chamber
  7. Dynamic Sealing, Flingers:
  8. Eliminates the need for barrier water
    • Reduces abrasion of bushings and possible bearing damage
    • Lubricating the gland with a fixed grease using a CLS pump


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