Horizontal multistage Pumps


Horizontal multistage Pumps

The APM pump series are horizontal multi-stage pumps. These pumps are mainly used for clean water, but can also be used with low-aggressiveness liquids that do not contain abrasives. Application: Water supply, irrigation systems, pressure-boosting systems, fire-and pressure-system and condensate-transfer circuits, boiler supply, etc.


Pumps with coated rotors, shaft sleeves and grease lubred bearings.

Suction and discharge flanges are NP16 or NP40 depending on the size of the pump.

APM standard pumps are designed to operate at a maximum temperature of 90-110 º C (standard glands or optional mechanical seal).


  1. The positions of the suction and discharge flanges can be placed in accordance with the requirements of the customers.
  2. Using a chilled choke or a special mechanical seal, the pump can operate at higher temperatures
  3. All rotors have thrust rings to balance the axial thrust.
  4. In the case of high pressures, a balancing shield shall be used.
  5. The fastening bolts are prepared to withstand the high pressures generated by the pump.


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