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Filter Presses APN TH Minerals

We realize the selection, delivery and commissioning of filter presses with membrane piston pumps of the world leader in press delivery for the mining industry. The compact press design and efficient technological solutions allow for maximum performance with minimal space.


The wide range of APN filter presses and numerous possible configuration options allow for the selection and design of specific requirements in the dehydration process. Their design and workmanship is specially designed for demanding dehydration processes of metal ores, coal, waste, aggregates and polluted lands. It is possible to use filter plates of different sizes, made of different materials (PP, TH, etc.) and configuration (membrane) and various options for opening the press and removing the fritks. This diversity allows you to determine the right solution for each process.

Simply Strong
The press design based on simple and robust mechanical solutions facilitates the work and service of the press and guarantees reduced costs of OPEX compared to other manufacturers. APN filter presses are built on a very sturdy frame. The filter plates have a top suspension and are based on a lateral beam, and the opening and closing system is implemented through an integrated actuator system guaranteeing no stress formation in the press frame and its structure.

Excellent presses for demanding applications

TH filter plates with unique features with high pressure-resistant steel core and circumvolent rubber seals for a certain sealing during closure are the answer to the highest demands in the filtration process. The advanced design and modular construction allow TH presses to be operated with abrasive media, corrosion and ensure that the lowest possible costs per tonne of product are achieved.

Key Features:

Compact press with integrated opening and closing system via high efficiency hydraulic cylinders.
The system of transferring traffic to the mobile board through a cable system for better distribution of loads.
Top-port plates for evenly spacing of the density of the pancakes and an advanced system of unloading the pancakes to minimize dead times and downtime.
Available filter panels made in different technologies, with or without membrane, panels made of PP or TH with high efficiency.
Special models of filter presses for the mining industry to ensure the highest efficiency, reliability and efficiency.
Many possible options: drying of pies, washing of pancakes, cover trays, washing of canvas, special coatings, etc.


  1. It ensures a high level of production even under adverse conditions.
  2. Special solutions to facilitate the work and service of presses.
  3. Less power consumption thanks to integrated opening and closing system. Presses with drives with the smallest power installed compared to competitors.
  4. Easy replacement of wear parts.
  5. Maximizing the life of the press with a unique travel system that reduces stress in the structure and frame.


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