Displacement Slurry Pumps


APN SIX-Displacement piston diaphragm pumps


The robust and easy-to-use SIX pumps have the ability to pump any type of sludge, especially the most abrasive, and to operate in a wide range with a maximum capacity of up to 200 m3/h and pressures of 16 bar. SIX pumps are designed for use in filtration processes with chamber presses and for pumping abrasive media.

Compared to other solutions, the SIX slurry pump stands out with a simple service thanks to a small number of moving parts and easy access. The piston-diaphragm pump is driven by a hydraulic pump used for the hydraulic press system. The operation of the pump uses a load sensing technology that allows self-regulation during changing pumping conditions both during slurry pumping and during filtration.

The APN SIX membrane displacement pump does not change the characteristics and structure of the pumped sludge during filtration which is fundamental during sludge dewatering processes, which require the use of e.g. Flocculants.


  • Slurry pump with robust and reliable design with a small number of moving parts.
  • Hydraulic drive utilizing load sensing technology.
  • Double-chamber displacement pump.
  • Large-area pressure membranes for high performance.
  • Flap suction and discharge valves made of high resistance elastomer.
  • The basic version (APN SIX) is a pump to pump the FORMM.
  • Complete version (SIX) with suction and discharge pulsation dampened and electronic control cabinet.
  • Slurry pump in various performance options.


  1. Long service life of pumps.
  2. A small amount of parts in contact with the pumped sludge.
  3. Simplicity of operation and maintenance.
  4. Self-regulation capability by using flow and pressure dependence without the need for additional electronics.
  5. Optimizing energy consumption.


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