PISTON Pumps for needles


PISTON Pumps for needles

Needle dewatering pumps are used for lowering groundwater levels during earthworks and construction. PT piston pumps are the best choice to guarantee dry excavation on the construction site. These pumps are driven by diesel engines and are placed in sound-absorbing enclosures. We also recommend electric motor pumps mounted on the frame. The PT series pumps are reciprocating and fully self-priming. They can pump a mixture of water and air in any proportion without the need for a separate suction assist. Just plug the pump into the needle collector and turn the engine on and it’s all. The pump generates a vacuum in the manifold and starts through the needle-punters to lower the water level in the ground.

  • Lowest fuel costs with maximum consumption 1.4 L/hr
  • Minimum service intervals of 1500 hours
  • Highest suction at vacuum 9.6 m




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