Lamellant thickeners


Lamellant thickeners

TH offers a wide range of thickeners for separating sludders into solid parts – liquid, through flocculation and sedimation. The Lamellant thickeners are designed to achieve effective separation in the processing processes in mining, metal ores and environmental protection.

The high versatility of NK-P/H/PP thickeners allows their use in a wide range of purification of polluted waters in industrial manufacturing processes primarily in the extractive, metallurtic, food and recycling industries.

TH Minerals thickeners are designed to achieve maximum compoperation efficiency by making optimum equipment in terms of size and the best conditions for slurry compoperation and water purification.

TH Minerals offers thickeners with Lamel packages to achieve the maximum surface decanation.


  • Thickener with design for ease of operation and service of the device.
  • Actuator and influx of medium mounted on the upper pier.
  • Optimised influx system to minimize disruption and turbulence and improve compoperation efficiency.
  • Torque control, drive protection and automatic adjustment due to load sensing and computer control.
  • Optional rake lifting System.
  • Available methods of construction and installation: Steel tank on Steel Supports (PP); Unsupported steel tank (P); Steel Tank on Concrete Foundation (H).
  • The construction of steel tanks made as twisted for easy transport and assembly.
  • Thickeners components (reservoir, bridge, reinforcement) designed with FEM software for static, dynamic and even seismic loads.
  • Optionally possible to use skimmer to remove foam from the surface.


  • Easy-to-use thickeners and low operating costs.
  • Optimum structural loads in the thicker and on the foundation.
  • Optimization of time and necessary media required during installation.
  • High flexibility in relation to variable loads of sludge loads.
  • Safety and overload protection System.
  • Better water quality for recirculation.


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