Dust Reduction System


Pollination reduction systems “Dry water mist”

The “Dry Water mist” Dust reduction system with ultrasonic nozzles is designed to reduce dust arising during the transport and processing of coal, aggregates, biomass, etc.


Pollination limitation Systems PYTEL “dry mist” with ultrasonic nozzles can be used to reduce dust under the following conditions:

SONICOM ultrasonic nozzles require clean water (preferably drinking water) and compressed air for proper operation.

Optimum parameters of the factors:

Compressed air (pressure, Flow): 4 – 6 bar, 1.9 liter/sec.

Water (pressure, flow): 1 bar, 1 – 20 liter/hour.

The level of pollination reduction achieved can reach 90%.


  1. Dust reduction Systems “Dry water mist” is our product, we can adapt it to the individual requirements of customers
  2. The dry mist System uses water-air nozzles for low parameters
  3. This System is designed to reduce dust arising during transport and machining processes (milling, crushing, sifting, etc.) of loose materials without moistening the product and equipment
  4. Nozzle design allows self-cleaning, eliminating clogging problem
  5. This System reduces the risk of explosion or inflames of flammable particulates, such as Coal, biomass, etc. The dust reduction System applies wherever dust is produced in:
    • Crushers
    • Transmission stations
    • Belts
    • Combines
  6. We offer full-eyeing installations, ie. Sensor, presence of an alarm, thermostat, etc.
  7. It is possible to derive signals and visualise


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