Polymer ceramic Composites


Polymer ceramic Composites

PMZ Polymer Ceramic Composites

Based on our many years of experience and to meet the needs of our customers, we have launched the production of polymer ceramic composites in the year 2017. We currently produce composites:

  • Ceramic Composite in the form of liquid PMZ1 for erosion protection and aggressive chemistry. Low surface energy and a high smoothness after curing make it a great material for the protection of tanks, sliding pans, pump housings and rotors, etc.
  • Thick-film ceramic composite in the form of PMZ2 paste for protection against aggressive surface WIP. Excellent material for anti-erosion protection of each shape. High chemical resistance makes it a great material for the protection of Overfill, tank outlets, slurry pumps, etc.

Our deployment and new products Department is constantly working on new materials. We will gladly respond to individual inquiries regarding the individual needs of our customers.


The highest quality polymer ceramic composite PMZ series produced by our company are created in conditions of highest quality care. Mixing of ingredients occurs in specially constructed vacuum mixers to avoid airborne interference in compositing. We use the latest and greatest ingredients available on the market to produce composites. A stable production process guarantees us the consistent and high quality of our products.


  1. Ceramic reinforced coating with enormous resistance to abrasion and erosion
  2. Robust structure provides high resistance to thermal-mechanical shocks
  3. Excellent adhesion ensures total corrosion resistance
  4. Due to the ease of application and rapid hardening, time for applications and downtime is short
  5. Suitable for variable chemical environments


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