Industrial Ceramics


Industrial Ceramics

Fittings, mats, panels and pipelines, ceramic PYTEL Ceramik

To meet the demand for durable anti-erosion safeguards in 2018, the PYTEL Department of Ceramics was created for the selection and supply of ceramic materials.

The high versatility of the offered solutions allows for precise selection of anti-erosion protection.

We offer:

  • Ceramic Mats
  • Ceramic Fittings
  • Panels, rubber, ceramic
  • Ceramic Pipelines


The highest quality ceramics offered by our company is produced after firing Al2O3 in special furnaces. We offer ceramics 92% Al2O3 and 99% Al2O3. The resulting ceramics is very chemically resistant and very hard. Hardness only resolves to diamond. For applications where there is toughness, we have introduced a rubber-wrapped ceramic and in the form of panels.


  1. Performance of “Tailor Made” elements
  2. Can be used in new devices and devices operated
  3. Professional advice and competitive pricing
  4. Wide range of application


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