Wind power plants


Autol Centralized lubrication systems are the technology to automate the lubrication of devices where regular and precise lubrication is necessary for proper operation.

Centralized lubrication systems are in different layouts:

  • Single Line Systems
  • Double Line Systems
  • Progressive Systems

It is possible to use both grease and oil pumps:

  • Oil pumps:, 00 #, 000 #
  • Grease pump: 0 #, 1 #, 2 #


A centralized lubrication System dedicated to wind farms is a comprehensive service that guarantees not only the care of the lubrication points in the wind turbine, but also the remote monitoring of online lubrication. Through the transmission port, the system monitors the operating status of the devices in real time and can remotely modify the operating parameters of the lubricating pumps, depending on the conditions and the loads that occur on the bearings.

The patented Autol collection system can significantly increase the reliability and stability of bearing use and the safety of work in the service and maintenance center. Because the bearing lubrication environment is more intelligent and controlable, you can reduce bearing damage and power loss due to poor oil discharge, extend service life, and reduce the frequency and Time of hardware shutdown.


  1. Full control over points that require lubrication using grease and oil pumps.
  2. Use of grease collecting pumps protects the turbine equipment from contamination and the damaging activity of used grease.
  3. Automation of the system control allows to regulate the operation of the circuit according to the needs of the wind turbine.


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