Mining Machinery


Autol Centralized lubrication systems are the technology to automate the lubrication of devices where regular and precise lubrication is necessary for proper operation.

Centralized lubrication systems are in different layouts:

  • Single Line Systems
  • Double Line Systems
  • Progressive Systems

It is possible to use both grease and oil pumps:

  • Oil pumps:, 00 #, 000 #
  • Grease pump: 0 #, 1 #, 2 #


Mining machines are devices operating in extremely difficult conditions, exposed to dust, humidity, heat.

The devices require regular lubrication, necessary to maintain proper movement, continuity of the technological process.

Autol systems provide solutions that enable the devices to be lubricated automatically, in real time, guaranteeing lubrication costs reductions and extending overall device efficiency.


  1. Safety and reduced maintenance time at the machine.
  2. Constant maintenance of the lubrication points during machine operation guarantees a longer working time and shortens the stops necessary for maintenance.
  3. Reduced grease consumption.
  4. Thanks to the use of centralized lubrication systems, the grease is originally clean, which directly affects the quality of the work. Bearings.


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