Construction Machinery


Autol Centralized lubrication systems are the technology to automate the lubrication of devices where regular and precise lubrication is necessary for proper operation.

Centralized lubrication systems are in different layouts:

  • Single Line Systems
  • Double Line Systems
  • Progressive Systems

It is possible to use both grease and oil pumps:

  • Oil pumps:, 00 #, 000 #
  • Grease pump: 0 #, 1 #, 2 #


Construction machines are devices that work the maximum amount of time in various atmospheric conditions.

Lubrication of pins, bushings is often unpleasant work, due to dirt and difficult access to lubrication points.

The use of a centralized lubrication system not only significantly reduces the time necessary to lubricate all necessary points, but also extends the life of the machine.

Constant, regular and automatic lubrication ensures optimum grease doses in the machine’s real-time operation.


  1. The use of central lubrication pumps guarantee maintenance during operation regardless of the conditions under which the machine is working.
  2. Regular grease doses at a certain time extend the machine’s duty cycle, eliminating the lack of lubrication due to which the machines work effectively and efficiently.


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