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Autol Centralized lubrication systems are the technology to automate the lubrication of devices where regular and precise lubrication is necessary for proper operation.

Centralized lubrication systems are in different layouts:

  • Single Line Systems
  • Double Line Systems
  • Progressive Systems

It is possible to use both grease and oil pumps:

  • Oil pumps:, 00 #, 000 #
  • Grease pump: 0 #, 1 #, 2 #


The use of centralized lubrication systems in commercial vehicles guarantees reduced maintenance and repair time, reduces the cost of spare parts, extends and improves operational efficiency of the vehicle.

A properly selected centralized lubrication system can prolong service intervals, significantly affecting the quality of the vehicle’s work.

Grease doses, controlled by the system, precisely reach the lubrication points, and because the circumference is closed, the lubricant administered is free from contamination.


  1. Extends and improves operational efficiency
  2. Significantly reduces grease/oil consumption
  3. Lubrication synchronised with the vehicle ensures maintenance of the parts at the time of the greatest need, i.e. vehicle operation.


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